What is constipation? — Constipation is a common problem that makes it hard to have bowel movements. Your bowel movements might be: ●Too hard ●Too small ●Hard to get out ●Happening fewer than 3 times a week What causes constipation? — Constipation can be caused by: ●Side effects of some medicines ●Poor diet ●Diseases of… » Read More

Diarrhea In Adolescents And Adults

What is diarrhea? — Diarrhea describes bowel movements that are runny or watery, and happen 3 or more times in a day. Diarrhea is very common. Most adolescents and adults have diarrhea about 4 times a year. Just about everyone has it at some point. What causes diarrhea? — Diarrhea can be caused by: ●Viruses… » Read More


What is diverticulitis? — Diverticulitis is a disorder that can cause belly pain, fever, and problems with bowel movements. The food we eat travels from the stomach through a long tube called the intestine. The last part of that tube is the colon . The colon sometimes has small pouches in its walls. These pouches… » Read More