Liver Disease

The physicians at GIH are experienced in the management of acute and chronic liver disease. These can include the following:

Fatty liver (hepatic steatosis)

This is a common problem primarily related to obesity and diabetes. While usually a benign condition in most patients, some patients can progress to fibrosis or even frank cirrhosis. Patients can be evaluated to determine severity of liver injury and have ongoing monitoring.

Hepatitis C

A viral infection of the liver, transmitted by exposure to blood products in someone with hepatitis C. There is currently effective drug therapy available for successful treatment for this chronic disease.

Hepatitis B

A viral infection of the liver, often with no associated symptoms. This can be transmitted by blood products or sexual contact. There is risk long-term of progression to cirrhosis and possible liver cancer. There is effective drug therapy for suppression of active disease to prevent progression to more severe liver injury.

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